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8 About Terror 1974

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1. Media     2. Why was Kennedy murdered ?   3. Libya before the bombing    4. Global warming Hoax   5 Coincidence ? – The Clintons    6.  US Provocations of Russia   7. Obama Legacy    8 Anna Frank Hoax exposed

“We are going to see a great number of articles in the future from so-called experts and public officials. They will warn about more violence, more kidnappings, and more terrorists. Mass media, the armed forces, and intelligence agencies will saturate our lives with fascist scare tactics and ‘predictions’ that have already been planned to come true.”

– ‘Conspiracy theorist’ Mae Brussell, 1974


8 Anne Frank Exposed


From  the book The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard, edited by Kevin Alfred Stromby

TUCKED AWAY ON pages 119 and 122 of the October 6 issue of Der Spiegel, a weekly German news magazine comparable to Time or Newsweek, was a news item of considerable significance: A scientific analysis of the manuscript purported to be the original diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who died in a German concentration camp during the Second World War, has revealed that the manuscript could not have been written before 1951, six years after the end of the war.                                         The Federal Criminal Office (Bundeskriminalamt, similar to the FBI), which carried out a careful analysis of the original manuscript of the diary with microscope and ultraviolet illumination in order to confirm its authenticity — in particular, to determine when it was written.

The report of the technical experts was given to the court in April of this year, and it contained a bombshell: large portions of the alleged “diary” were written in ballpoint pen ink — which was not manufactured prior to 1951!            Almost from the beginning there were charges that the diary was a hoax.   In Germany, however, it was not wise to speculate about such matters publicly. The line laid down by the government and the media is that Anne Frank is gospel, and anyone who suggests otherwise leaves himself open to criminal charges (“defaming the victims of Nazi persecution”) as well as to civil suits.            The diary, filled with touching adolescent reveries and homely little anecdotes, was exactly what the Jewish “Holocaust” propagandists were looking for: a highly effective piece of ammunition to generate a maudlin, emotion-laden sympathy for the poor, persecuted Jews — as typified by Anne Frank — and generate hatred against the wicked Germans, who had “killed” her Anne Frank , died of typhus years before her crooked money-grubbing father made his fortune forging much of her diaries

7 Obama Legacy


In spite of being granted the Nobel Peace prize, Obama was at war longer than any other American president. He spent his two terms constantly at war. His weapon was drone strikes. These drones were used to bomb at least 7 countries. The drones kill a number of innocent people not only the target. .
He dropped about 100 000 bombs during his presidency. On Irak and Syria more than 25 00 bombs were dropped.
He sold more arms to the Middle East countries than any other President.
The war on terror has been going on for about 15 years and resulted in The US attacking and bombing around 7 countries After the war on terror started in 2001 the number of people killed by terrorists have gone up with more than 4000 %. I March 2015 it is estimated that around 1 million innocent people were killed in Irak due to the war on terror, in fact 5% of the country’s population!
Obama has increased the American debt more than all other previous presidents together, a staggering 10 Trillion US dollars and the debt now equals about 61 400 USD pr US citizen. One of the results is that more and more Americans are depending on the state.
The population has increased with about 20 milling people but only 7 mill new jobs have been created. In Desember 2016 95 millin people were unemployed.
Since 1790 to 2000 the average growth of the US economy was 3.6% per year, Under Obama the growth was never in any year above 3%.
The war against Marihuana. In December 2015 he signed a bill giving the US government the permission to detain US citizens indefinitely without filing any charges or taking part in a trial.
In 2011 he ordered Booing to shut down a new plant with 1000 employees because it was not unionized.
Obama sent troops to Uganda, Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic.
People under poverty line is up 3.5 %, median income down 2.3 % Americans on food stamps increased from 33 millions to 49 millions US home owner ship down 5.6% 95 million people are unemployed , increased with 18%. ! Employment rate for woman is 56, 6 % which is an all time low.
Number of worked hours has increased 1 % from 2001 to 2015. In fact, that equals no new jobs created. Middle household income has decreased by 7% the last 15 years.
15 Trillion USD is spent on war on poverty since 1664 when 1 in 6 lived in poverty but the rate is the same in 2016..
In 2009 expressed 66% that race relations is good, Under Obama this has gone down to 32 % generally bad relations is up from 22% to 63 %
Source; Free domain Radio, Stefan Molyneux

6. US Provocation of Russia


Source: The Event Chronicle

On Friday, the Kremlin responded to US sanctions imposed on Thursday by declaring that they “will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen diplomacy,’” and reiterated their hopes to work toward a better relationship with the US when President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

“While we reserve the right to take reciprocal measures, we’re not going to downgrade ourselves to the level of irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy,” Putin announced. “In our future steps on the way toward the restoration of Russia-United States relations, we will proceed from the policy pursued by the administration of D. Trump.”

The Russian President didn’t stop there, as he also invited “all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin,” and offered “New Year greetings to President Obama and his family.
Now, after Putin announced that he is taking the high road, American experts are shocked, and even embarrassed for the Obama administration.

“This is frankly the most damaging and embarrassing answer the US could receive,” Michael Kofman, a global fellow at the Wilson Center specializing in Russian and Eurasian affairs, told Business Insider on Friday. “It’s quite clear that both the Obama administration and Congress are trying to box Donald Trump in on Russia policy. But instead of responding to this latest salvo with predictable retaliatory measures, Russians have chosen to make them a nonissue.”

Boris Zilberman, a Russia expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, also told the website that he believes the decision not to retaliate is a win for Putin.
“I think Putin saw through Obama’s attempt to throw a wrench into relations in the next administration, and looking as though he is above the fray is likely a win as well for him,” Zilberman said.

5 Coincidence ? The Clintons.


James McDougal Clintons convicted Whitewater partner, died of an apparant heart attack while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr`s Whitewater investigation.

Mary Mahoney Former White House intern, murdered July 1997, at a Starbucks in Georgetown. The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.

Vince Foster Former White House counselor and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock`s Rose Law Firm, died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.

Ron Brown secretary of Commerce under Clinton and former DNC Chairman, was reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a gunshot hole in Brown`s skull. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and was willing to cut a deal with prosecutors. A few days later the air traffic controller committed “suicide”.

C. Victor Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fundraising organization, died in a private plane crash, July 1992.

Paul Tulley Democratic National Committee Political Director, found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock September 1992. He was described by as a Dear friend and trusted advisor.

Ed Willey Clinton fundraiser, found dead November 1993, deep in the woods of Virginia with a gunshot to his head Ruled a “suicide” Ed Willey died the same day his wife, Kathleen claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the Oval Office.

Jerry Parks Head of Clinton`s gubernatorial security team in Little Rock, gunned down in his car a deserted intersection outside Little Rock. His son told his father was building a dossier on Clinton. After his death the files mysteriously disappeared.

James Bunch Died from a gunshot “suicide”. It was revealed he had a “Black Book” which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas.

James Wilson with ties to Whitewater, was found dead from a hanging “sicide” in May 1993.

Kathy Ferguson found dead of a gunshot to the head May 1994 with packed bags. Ruled a “suicide” She was a possible witness in the Paula Jones case against Bill Clinton.

Bill Shelton an Arkansas State Trooper and Kathys fiancée was found dead at her grave site by a gunshot. Ruled a “suicide”.

The list goes on and on , in total more than 50 people .

4. The Global warming Hoax.

Source: The Anti New York Times Editor: Mike King.

The warmists began making “10-15-years-in-the-future” doom & gloom forecasts about 35 years ago. None of them have come to pass as the 10-15 year disaster keeps getting moved up.

Satellite based temperature reading show no warming for 19 consecutive years. The warmists have been finally forced to acknowledge this fact, but now claim that the satellite readings were not done properly.

The Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets expand and contract year-to-year. There has been no observable net shrinkage over past 50 years.

The world’s glaciers expand and contract year-to-year. Some are currently receding and other are currently expanding.

Sea-levels have not risen. All of the world’s low islands and tiny atolls are still here.

In spite of the manipulative images of Polar Bears stranded in pieces of ice, the Polar Bear population is NOT in decline.

There has been no increase in hurricane or typhoon activity over the past 50 years at least.

It’s all LIES!

All Global Warming research is conducted by scientists who are on the payroll of either some government entity or a left wing CIA/Soros affiliated NGO (Non Governmental Organization)

Red-handed attempting to fudge their research in favor of “proving” Global Warming TM.

The myth of “95% consensus” has been exposed as a fraud.

Man-caused CO2 account for only 2-3% of total CO2. Termites and geo-thermal activity account for more than man does.

The natural annual variance of all atmospheric CO2 is + or – 5%. So, even a total elimination of man-caused CO2 could easily be erased by a slight upward trend due to natural causes.

The earth has passed through solar-activity-based numerous ice ages, mini-ice ages and warming periods long before we became industrialized.

Factors such as water vapor, solar activity, Axis-tilt-variation, unpredictable ocean currents and wind patterns impact climate far more than CO2 emissions (natural or man-made).

Scientists who dispute Global Warming TM are often subject to vicious attacks and career damage.

3. Why the bombing of Libya to “free” happy people ?


In 1951 Libya was the poorest countries in Africa. At the time of the invasion of NATO had Libya the highest standard of living in Africa. Better than Russia, Saudi Arabia and Brazil!

Muammar al-Gaddafi was the President of Libya from 1969 to 2011
Gadaffi considered it a human right to stay in a house. He promised to obtain the house to all the Libyans before his own parents. He kept his promise, which resulted in his own father died before he got his own house. Newlyweds received about USD 50 000 to be able to buy their own home. Electricity was free for all citizens in the country.

Before Gadaffi came to power to less than 20% of the population was able to read and write. Soon after all education was free and was considered at a very high level. In 2011 to 83% of the population was able to read and write.

Healthcare was complimentary and of high standard. Were citizens not able to get the education or the medical help they required, the state funded medical treatment or education abroad.

It was the statutory that interest on all loans should be 0%. If a Libber wanted to buy a car, the State paid of 50% of the purchase price. The price of petrol was approx. 0.15 USD .

A Libyer who wants to be a farmer was offered free use of land, free house, agricultural machinery and seeds.

The 1 July 2011 gathered 1.7 million Libyans on The Green Square to demonstrate against NATO’s bombing – where Norway participated. This was equal to approx. 95% of the population in Tripoli, or about 30% of the population in Libya.

The State bank was owned by the state, not privately owned like in the rest of the World.   Debt free money was issued.  Some of the first the “Libyen insurgents” did was to create a new private owned central bank with the Rotchild family as the main shareholder.  Many consider the Rotchild family to posess about 50% of all the wealth of the world.  Not unlikely, when the family is the main shareholder in all the world’s central banks with the exception of 3. Iran and North Korea and Cuba. Rotchilds Central banks produce money out of “Thin Air” sold to the people and the government with interest. The result: We never have enough money to pay back what we owe and become debt slaves. In contrast to the western leaders,  Gadaffi denied to sell his people. Libya was without debt, just like in Hitler’s Germany.

On this background it is not difficult to understand why Gadaffi was loved by his people.

In 1990 Libya was accused of being behind the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 which fell down over Lockerbie where more than 250 people died.   It has subsequently appeared that the United States paid 4 million USD to people to emit testimony against the accused men from Libya. They lied but have subsequently pulled their testimony back.

Gadaffi worked to remove the payment for the oil from Libya in USD to African Gold Dinars. Sarkozy Immediately pronounced   that Libya was a threat to the financial security of mankind.  An intrusive question is: Who was really behind the bombing of a free and happy people?

There is no doubt  that citizens of  Libya enjoyed  many things we do not have and has never had in the West. The reason is that they had a leader with integrity who worked for the best of the people. People shared the country’s riches, free from shackles and  usury of the privately owned bankers interest.

 Without the world’s privately owned banks we could all live as rich people.Gadaffi’s faith in direct democracy is described in his book: “The Green Book” . His opinion was that the parliamentary democracies are heritable corrupted and that people can and should represent them. .

Why are we not been informed by the Media About the above?


2. Assessination of John F. Kennedy

“Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”                                          Woodrow Wilson 1856-1924 Amerikansk President.

Assessination   J F Kennedy:

What was the reason for the assassination of J F Kennedy ?

In 1963 Kennedy established a new American currency whicht was not controlled by the privately owned Federal Bank, but by the state. This currency immediately went out of circulation after his death. The result today  is  the state now owes to the privately owned Federal Bank more than 20,000 billion dollars. For Comparison: More than 20 Norwegian Oil Fund !

In a speech 7 days before he was killed stated J F Kennedy expressed the following:

There is a plot in this country two enslave every man , woman and child. Before IN THE leave this high and noble office in intend two expose this plot. . ”

Kennedy stopped the plan to shoot down an us aircraft and then accuse Cuba for terrorist action to be used  as an excuse to attack Cuba.  In other words,  a  False flag operation.

He wanted to stop the Illuminati.

He had and plans to reveal to the american people the secrecy of alien existence on earth for centuries.

Kennedy was strong opponent of Secret Societies ( Skull & Bones, Free Masons, Illuminati, Bildenberger Group,  The Knights Templar etc.)

JFK  wanted to improove the relations with Russia,

12 Nov 1963 Kenndy signed an agreement with Nikita Khrustsjov  where   secret UFO information was to be exchanged between the United States and the USSR.

Kennedy agreed with the USSR that the superpowers were to collaborate on space- technology.

He wanted to stop the Vietnam war. 1955 – 1975

Kennedy had expression a desire to close down the CIA

Kennedy was a strong opponent of Israel Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion the reason being that  Ben-Gurion wanted to develop nuclear weapons.

Kennedys speach:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8HTr-F-FVM