If you don`t read newspaper you are uninformed. If you read newspaper you are misinformed. “Mark Twain 1835 – 1902





As stated in the above mentioned quotes  the  media is not the best news conveys, and according to the Mark Twain, it was for more than 100 years back in time no difference.  But today we have fortunately alternate news sources, not least. Internet – for the time being!  There are only a  few that take advantage of this news channel. The temptation to disclose information from the net was therefore tempting. It was and frustrating to try to communicate to the nearest stroke circuit, which proved very skeptical to other news than the official. .( Read: Brain washed by the media) therefore an attempt at a brief information Blog.

“I can not teach anybody anything. In the can only make them think ” Socrates

Blog Posts will be published with irregular intervals. The inserts will be about . politics, “unknown” history, events and society. As I am rarely motivated to read more than  half an A4 page, therefore  the blog posts  will be relatively short. Blogging  is an unknown territory.  But hopefylly I will learn as I go forward.

Here is an aptly video about Media by Paul J. Watson a recognized commentator on Internet, intelligent, observant, articulated and entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyS3Ghevf2I

9/11 Twin Towers in New York:

Search on Google after 9/11 one gets ca 305 million hits ! The reason is that among other things,   there are many unanswered question: below  is a selection.

How could the 3 buildings race together when it was only 2 “planes”

Why heard 128 fire men multiple explosions after “Planes” had struck the buildings?

Why was the  site glowing hot  several months after the accident ?

Why was many rescue workers sick and several died after the accident ?

Why did then “plane” hit  the Pentagon exactly where the disappearance of 2 trillion USD was researched ?

Why was it not track of plane debrees  outside the Pentagon and the Twin Towers ?

How was it possible for the BBC to report that is now the third building the rast, 20 min before it really happened ?

Why was The Twin Towers over insured against terror in July month of the same year ?

Why has the American Engineers Assosiation.  and Arkitekt Assosiation. refused to accept the official story ?

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