In 1951 Libya was the poorest countries in Africa. At the time of the invasion of NATO had Libya the highest standard of living in Africa. Better than Russia, Saudi Arabia and Brazil!

Muammar al-Gaddafi was the President of Libya from 1969 to 2011
Gadaffi considered it a human right to stay in a house. He promised to obtain the house to all the Libyans before his own parents. He kept his promise, which resulted in his own father died before he got his own house. Newlyweds received about USD 50 000 to be able to buy their own home. Electricity was free for all citizens in the country.

Before Gadaffi came to power to less than 20% of the population was able to read and write. Soon after all education was free and was considered at a very high level. In 2011 to 83% of the population was able to read and write.

Healthcare was complimentary and of high standard. Were citizens not able to get the education or the medical help they required, the state funded medical treatment or education abroad.

It was the statutory that interest on all loans should be 0%. If a Libber wanted to buy a car, the State paid of 50% of the purchase price. The price of petrol was approx. 0.15 USD .

A Libyer who wants to be a farmer was offered free use of land, free house, agricultural machinery and seeds.

The 1 July 2011 gathered 1.7 million Libyans on The Green Square to demonstrate against NATO’s bombing – where Norway participated. This was equal to approx. 95% of the population in Tripoli, or about 30% of the population in Libya.

The State bank was owned by the state, not privately owned like in the rest of the World.   Debt free money was issued.  Some of the first the “Libyen insurgents” did was to create a new private owned central bank with the Rotchild family as the main shareholder.  Many consider the Rotchild family to posess about 50% of all the wealth of the world.  Not unlikely, when the family is the main shareholder in all the world’s central banks with the exception of 3. Iran and North Korea and Cuba. Rotchilds Central banks produce money out of “Thin Air” sold to the people and the government with interest. The result: We never have enough money to pay back what we owe and become debt slaves. In contrast to the western leaders,  Gadaffi denied to sell his people. Libya was without debt, just like in Hitler’s Germany.

On this background it is not difficult to understand why Gadaffi was loved by his people.

In 1990 Libya was accused of being behind the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 which fell down over Lockerbie where more than 250 people died.   It has subsequently appeared that the United States paid 4 million USD to people to emit testimony against the accused men from Libya. They lied but have subsequently pulled their testimony back.

Gadaffi worked to remove the payment for the oil from Libya in USD to African Gold Dinars. Sarkozy Immediately pronounced   that Libya was a threat to the financial security of mankind.  An intrusive question is: Who was really behind the bombing of a free and happy people?

There is no doubt  that citizens of  Libya enjoyed  many things we do not have and has never had in the West. The reason is that they had a leader with integrity who worked for the best of the people. People shared the country’s riches, free from shackles and  usury of the privately owned bankers interest.

 Without the world’s privately owned banks we could all live as rich people.Gadaffi’s faith in direct democracy is described in his book: “The Green Book” . His opinion was that the parliamentary democracies are heritable corrupted and that people can and should represent them. .

Why are we not been informed by the Media About the above?


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