Source: The Anti New York Times Editor: Mike King.

The warmists began making “10-15-years-in-the-future” doom & gloom forecasts about 35 years ago. None of them have come to pass as the 10-15 year disaster keeps getting moved up.

Satellite based temperature reading show no warming for 19 consecutive years. The warmists have been finally forced to acknowledge this fact, but now claim that the satellite readings were not done properly.

The Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets expand and contract year-to-year. There has been no observable net shrinkage over past 50 years.

The world’s glaciers expand and contract year-to-year. Some are currently receding and other are currently expanding.

Sea-levels have not risen. All of the world’s low islands and tiny atolls are still here.

In spite of the manipulative images of Polar Bears stranded in pieces of ice, the Polar Bear population is NOT in decline.

There has been no increase in hurricane or typhoon activity over the past 50 years at least.

It’s all LIES!

All Global Warming research is conducted by scientists who are on the payroll of either some government entity or a left wing CIA/Soros affiliated NGO (Non Governmental Organization)

Red-handed attempting to fudge their research in favor of “proving” Global Warming TM.

The myth of “95% consensus” has been exposed as a fraud.

Man-caused CO2 account for only 2-3% of total CO2. Termites and geo-thermal activity account for more than man does.

The natural annual variance of all atmospheric CO2 is + or – 5%. So, even a total elimination of man-caused CO2 could easily be erased by a slight upward trend due to natural causes.

The earth has passed through solar-activity-based numerous ice ages, mini-ice ages and warming periods long before we became industrialized.

Factors such as water vapor, solar activity, Axis-tilt-variation, unpredictable ocean currents and wind patterns impact climate far more than CO2 emissions (natural or man-made).

Scientists who dispute Global Warming TM are often subject to vicious attacks and career damage.

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