In spite of being granted the Nobel Peace prize, Obama was at war longer than any other American president. He spent his two terms constantly at war. His weapon was drone strikes. These drones were used to bomb at least 7 countries. The drones kill a number of innocent people not only the target. .
He dropped about 100 000 bombs during his presidency. On Irak and Syria more than 25 00 bombs were dropped.
He sold more arms to the Middle East countries than any other President.
The war on terror has been going on for about 15 years and resulted in The US attacking and bombing around 7 countries After the war on terror started in 2001 the number of people killed by terrorists have gone up with more than 4000 %. I March 2015 it is estimated that around 1 million innocent people were killed in Irak due to the war on terror, in fact 5% of the country’s population!
Obama has increased the American debt more than all other previous presidents together, a staggering 10 Trillion US dollars and the debt now equals about 61 400 USD pr US citizen. One of the results is that more and more Americans are depending on the state.
The population has increased with about 20 milling people but only 7 mill new jobs have been created. In Desember 2016 95 millin people were unemployed.
Since 1790 to 2000 the average growth of the US economy was 3.6% per year, Under Obama the growth was never in any year above 3%.
The war against Marihuana. In December 2015 he signed a bill giving the US government the permission to detain US citizens indefinitely without filing any charges or taking part in a trial.
In 2011 he ordered Booing to shut down a new plant with 1000 employees because it was not unionized.
Obama sent troops to Uganda, Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic.
People under poverty line is up 3.5 %, median income down 2.3 % Americans on food stamps increased from 33 millions to 49 millions US home owner ship down 5.6% 95 million people are unemployed , increased with 18%. ! Employment rate for woman is 56, 6 % which is an all time low.
Number of worked hours has increased 1 % from 2001 to 2015. In fact, that equals no new jobs created. Middle household income has decreased by 7% the last 15 years.
15 Trillion USD is spent on war on poverty since 1664 when 1 in 6 lived in poverty but the rate is the same in 2016..
In 2009 expressed 66% that race relations is good, Under Obama this has gone down to 32 % generally bad relations is up from 22% to 63 %
Source; Free domain Radio, Stefan Molyneux

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